TNET Services, Inc.

is located in the City of Mesa, Arizona and is a software development company that specializes in development of accessible technologies for the use by both the general public and the disABLED community.

The aim is to provide interfaces that permit the use by all to access the same information and data using modified interfaces that can accommodate various needs.

Originally established in 1984 and connected to the Internet since 1992, for more than 40 years TNET has created software that enables people with disabilities to interface with the rest of the world via a variety of different software products.

Most of these efforts have been done in conjunction with a group of Independent Living Centers that provide services and support for people with disabilities so they can live on their own with access and dignity.

TNET assists in hosting, Website design, DNS and other Internet related software development projects.

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Products & Things

Been looking at new products and stuff... Added a new section that will be added to as we find and use more.   Covering Applications, Devices, Mobile Computing and Phones...

Quicklink Downloads

This will download and run a small application on your computer that allows remote access to your computer from someone who has the Full Version loaded already. Each time a connection is made to your computer, you will provide access permission or the connection will not be allowed.

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